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FFP2 masks

Filtering half mask, respirator PSA

One thing in advance:
An FFP2 respirator is not a mask Feel-good mask. In contrast to a surgical mask, it has to lie very close to the face, otherwise it would not function as a mask for external and self-protection. And yes, most people will find it uncomfortable after a period of wear, especially around the ears. Every FFP2 mask that does not meet these properties at all, does not fit closely to the face, nor does it press, we discuss the properties and protective function of a certified FFP2 mask.

Particle-filtering half masks (FFP masks) are items of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the context of occupational safety and are intended to protect the wearer of the mask from particles, droplets and aerosols.

faciemF FFP2 Atemschutzmaske

The design of the particle filtering half masks is different. There are masks without an exhalation valve and masks with an exhalation valve. Masks without an exhalation valve filter both the inhaled air and the exhaled air and therefore offer both self-protection and external protection, although they are primarily designed for self-protection. Masks with a valve only filter the air they breathe in and therefore only offer limited external protection.

According to DIN EN 149: 2009-08, the filter performance of particle-filtering half masks with aerosols is tested. FFP2 masks must filter at least 94 %. Accordingly, they also offer effective protection against aerosols.

In order to legally bring particle-filtering half masks onto the market in Europe, a conformity assessment procedure including a type test in accordance with PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 must be carried out, after which they are provided by the manufacturer with a CE mark including the four-digit number of the notified body involved in the conformity assessment procedure. The masks must regularly meet the requirements of the DIN EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 standard.
(Source: BfArM)



The faciemF® series FFP2 NR meet the standard and carry the CE mark with the number CE 0158 of the notified body, the
DEKRA Testing and Certification GmbH.
(since 01.03.2021 also in folding boxboard)

Ohrschoner BASE

In particular, the FFP2 masks must fit closely to the face in order to prevent the ingress of dust, aerosols, bacteria and viruses. This is required by the CE directive and is precisely checked and tested during the type examination. In some people, however, the ear loops then have a very uncomfortable effect on the earlobes and cause pain or protruding ears. Avoid this problem and order the BASE or CLASSIC earmuffs in our webshop.

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