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Individualisation digital print

Perfect digital print on every mask

The development continues. For merchandising, especially for clubs, we are breaking new ground and are currently developing disposable community and medical surgical masks with a high-resolution digital print on the front fleece layer.

Imagine, at some point we will be allowed to go back to the football stadium and our favorite club will give you the protective mask with the ticket.

Everyone wears the same mask, but each mask is still different and therefore individual. Our digital printing makes it possible.

Talk to us and find out more about the current state of affairs.

In the webshop we already offer limited-edition PREMIUM protective masks with a front fleece made of digitally printed polyester fleece. For protection, we use our high-quality meltblown as the middle layer, with which we also manufacture the medical surgical masks. And of course the Oeko-tex® certified PP inner fleece ensures that the mask is comfortable to wear on the skin.

MedLOG - OP mask "BRD - flag"
MedLOG surgical mask "leaves"
MedLOG surgical mask palms

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