Protect even better with the VIRU-fil FFP2 and/or surgical masks. VIRU-fil, the virucidal revolution also stops Omikron!

[phone]Tel: +49 (0)6195-9942-0[/phone] | [email]sales@kela-schutzmasken.de[/email]

[phone]Tel: +49 (0)6195-9942-0[/phone]

Customization of color printing

Individual printing on your masks

We print our ComBASE and the medical MedPRO surgical masks with your print of your choice.

Thanks to a special inkjet printing process, we can customize the masks with lettering, a logo or a combination.

Lettering and sayings according to templates or at your request. There are no limits for your creativity.

Pressure area:

We recommend the area above the nose on the right side as the printing area. We will not print in front of the mouth.
The maximum print height is 15 mm, the maximum print length is approx. 140 mm. Looking at the mask, we need a distance of approx. 40 mm on the left, the logo can run to the edge on the right.


Die Druckkosten pro Maske belaufen sich derzeit auf 0,15 Euro zzgl. MwSt. / Maske (entspricht 0,18 Euro brutto / Maske)
In addition, there are print file creation and setup costs of EUR 30.00 plus VAT (corresponds to EUR 35.70 gross) per print job.
If a logo or lettering that has already been made available to us is reprinted, the above-mentioned set-up costs of EUR 30.00 plus VAT will be incurred again.

You want 100 ComBASE masks with your special logo.
100 ComBASE masks according to the web shop: 42.85 euros
100 x Druck: 0,18 Euro x 100 Masken = 18,00 Euro
Print file and setup costs: 35.70 euros
Gesamt: 96,55 Euro inkl. MwSt. (81,13 Euro netto)


Send us your logo / lettering sales@kela-schutzmasken.de.
We check the logo and let you know if we think it can be printed on the mask.
Please send us a high resolution jpeg file.
We are currently unable to bill for individually created masks via the web shop. You will therefore receive an offer from us or an order confirmation with the bank details if we should print the masks individually for you.
After we have received your payment, we will start printing. You should have the masks in your mailbox within a week.

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