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Individual imprint on your masks

With the start of production at the beginning of June, we can now also print your disposable masks.


Thanks to a special inkjet printing process, we can customize the masks with a lettering, a logo or a combination.

Lettering and sayings according to templates or at your request. There are no limits to creativity. Der Kreativität sind keine Grenzen gesetzt.

Pressure range:

We recommend the surface above the nose as a pressure area. We will not print in front of our mouths.
The maximum pressure height is 15 mm, the maximum pressure is Printing length approx. 140 mm. Looking at the mask on the left we need a distance of approx. 40 mm, on the right the logo can run to the edge


The printing costs per mask currently amount to 0.12 euros incl. VAT / Mask
In addition, print file creation and setup costs amount to a one-time cost of 34.80 euros incl. VAT per print job.
If we reprint a logo or lettering that has already been provided to us, we will only charge 17.40 Euros incl. Vat.

You want 100 masks with your special logo.
100 pcs masks according to webshop: 42.85 Euro
100 x print: 0.12 euro x 100 masks = 12,00 Euro
One-time print file and setup costs: 34.80 Euro
Total: 89.65 Euro incl. VAT (EUR 77.28 net)


Send us your logo/lettering to
We check the logo and let us know if we consider it printable on the mask.
Individually created masks cannot be billed via the webshop at this time. You will therefore get an offer from us. an order confirmation with the bank details, if we should print the masks for you individually.
After receipt of payment, we start printing. Within a week you should have the masks in the mailbox.