Protect even better with the VIRU-fil FFP2 and/or surgical masks. VIRU-fil, the virucidal revolution also stops Omikron!

FFP2 - masks white and black
Maskenhalter Perfekt Fit & Park Weltneuheit, einzigartig und patentiert

Perfect Fit & Park mask holder A world first, unique and patented

World novelty, unique and patented. The highlight is the ingenious parking facility. The ingenious guidance of the mask strap allows the mask to be "parked" hygienically in front of the chest by unhooking the ear loops. and easy to put back on. Suitable for...

faciemF® FFP2 NR Atemschutzmaske Type 2101 weiß

faciemF® FFP2 NR respirator mask type 2101 white

***MADE IN GERMANY*** ***faciemF FFP2 Atemschutzmasken*** Die Filtermasken der faciemF® FFP2 NR Serie ist eine PSA der Schutzstufe FFP2 die ebenfalls in vielen Bereichen einsetzbar ist, in denen Personen gesundheitsschädlichen Stäuben auf Wasser- und Ölbasis, oder...

safe-Air® 21V5 FFP2 NR VIRU-fil Atemschutzmaske

safe-Air® 21V5 FFP2 NR VIRU-fil respirator

***MADE IN GERMANY*** VIRU-fil - The virucidal revolution, also protects against the Omicron variant 99% Effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses The filter masks VIRU-fil of the safe-Air® FFP2 NR series is a PPE of the protection level FFP2 / respirator mask ffp2 dekra ce...

safe-Air 21V3 FFP2 NR Atemschutzmaske schwarz

safe-Air 21V3 FFP2 NR breathing mask black

***MADE IN GERMANY*** The filter masks of the former faciemF® FFP2 NR series, the new safe-Air 21V3 is a further development from VMP. This PPE with protection level FFP2 can also be used in many areas in which people are exposed to hazardous...

Ohrschoner Earsaver CLASSIC

Earsaver CLASSIC ear protectors

Application The ear saver clip CLASSIC is firmly hooked into one of the ear loops. Connect the large, open hook to the other ear loop. Perfect and comfortable wearing of the FFP2 or MNS masks. Easy opening and closing of the mask on the...

5 Stck Ohrschoner Earsaver BASE

5 pcs ear protectors Earsaver BASE

Ohrschoner Earsaver für Atemschutzmaske FFP2 Anwendung Der Ohrschoner-Clip BASE wird in einer der Ohrenschlaufen fest eingehakt. Den große, offenen Haken mit der anderen Ohrenschlaufe verbinden. Perfekter und angenehmer Tragekomfort der FFP2 oder MNS - Masken....

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