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Medical MNS mouth and nose protection masks, surgical masks, black

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Medical mouth and nose protection mask, surgical mask
3-ply, black, type II

certified according to DIN EN 14683: 2019 as type II, bacterial filter efficiency BFE 99%, Made in Germany, manufactured in Kelkheim


Delivery time: approx. 2-3 days

  • Color: 3-ply black
  • Material: 3 – lagig,  Spinnvlies – Meltblown – Spinnvlies
  • Protective fleece bacterial filter performance> 99%
  • Biocompatible according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5
  • Integrated, dimensionally stable nose clip (particularly suitable for people who wear glasses),
  • round and latex-free elastic bands for ear attachment,
  • 89% polypropylene, 8% nylon, 3% elastane,
  • certified according to DIN EN 14683: 2019 as Type II,
  • packed in a folding box with 50 pieces each as a dispenser box
  • Made in Germany, made in Kelkheim

Medical MNS (mouth and nose protection; synonym for surgical masks - surgical masks) is mainly used in primary medical care, outpatient treatment and in hospital care as well as in nursing and is a medical product. It must meet the requirements of DIN EN 14683: 2019 medical face masks - requirements and test methods.

ClassificationType I *Type IIType IIR
Bacterial filter performance (BFE) ≥ 95%≥ 98%≥ 98%
Breathing resistance (Pa / cm²) <40<40<60
Spray Resistance Pressure (kPA)Not applicableNot applicable≥ 16.0
Microbiological purity (CFU / g)≤ 30≤ 30≤ 30

* Medical face masks of type I should only be used on patients and other persons to reduce the risk of the spread of infection, especially in epidemic or pandemic situations. Type I masks are not intended for use by healthcare professionals in operating theaters or other medical facilities with similar needs.


Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions20 × 11 × 9 cm

50 masks, 100 masks, 250 masks


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