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MNS-MedLOG LIMITED Premium mouth and nose mask, digitally printed, BRD flag

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LIMITED Premium mouth and nose mask, digitally printed
FRG - flag

  • Color: BRD flag
  • Material: 3 layers of non-woven fabric
  • Outer fleece: PET / PES in the HD digital printing process
  • Middle protective fleece layer: Meltblown bacterial filter performance> 99.88%
  • Inner fleece / face side: PP, Oeko-tex® certified
  • Biocompatible according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5
  • Integrated, dimensionally stable nose clip (particularly suitable for people who wear glasses),
  • round and latex-free elastic bands for ear attachment,
  • 45% polyester, 44% polypropylene, 8% nylon, 3% elastane,
  • packed in a PE bag with 10 masks each in a set,
  • Units of 10 and 20 are dispatched as DHL post, 40 units in a folding box, dispatched by DHL package
  • Made in Germany, made in Kelkheim
    oeko-tex 142x73(Oeko-tex certificate applies to the inner fleece, face side)

Individualisation digital print

Delivery time: approx. 1-2 days


The LIMITED Premium mouth and nose masks consist of 3 layers of nonwovens.
The inside (face side) consists of a 25g / m² PP, Oeko-tex® certified non-woven fabric (white). This is very skin-friendly and protects the face from skin irritations.
The outside (front fleece) is made of a polyester fleece PET / PES and is printed using the HD digital printing process. This creates high-quality, individual, full-surface motifs
The polyester fleece has a slightly higher breathing resistance so that these masks cannot be classified as medical masks.
However, through the high quality meltblown filter fleece used as the middle embedded fleece layer, we achieve an extremely high bacterial filter performance (BFE) of> 99.8%.

Classificationkela MNS-MedLOG *Type IIR
Bacterial filter performance (BFE) ≥ 99.8%≥ 98%
Breathing resistance (Pa / cm²) <72<60
Spray Resistance Pressure (kPA)Not applicable≥ 16.0
Microbiological purity (CFU / g)≤ 30≤ 30

* not a medical device
MNS (mouth and nose protection; synonym for surgical masks - surgical masks) of types I, II and IIR is mainly used in primary medical care, outpatient treatment and in hospital care as well as in nursing and is a medical product. It must meet the requirements of DIN EN 14683: 2019 medical face masks - requirements and test methods.

Recommendations of the BfArM

Weight01 kg
Dimensions20 × 11 × 3 cm

10 masks, 20 masks, 40 masks


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