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tri komplex

The skin care solution  

through the intelligent combination of three active ingredients

uno-complex / aloe vera:

Not only provides moisture, but also has a cell-regenerating effect,
promotes elasticity and contains important enzymes, vitamins and
Minerals that are extremely effective, especially when in contact with the skin
be able.

due-complex / almond lipids:

Contains unsaturated fatty acids. They get deep into the skin and
make them soft and supple. In addition, they strengthen, among other things
the resistance of the skin and protect it against
Infections or from UV rays.

tre-complex / Q10:

The active ingredient used supports various enzymes in the body, is involved in important processes in the organism, contributes significantly to cell health and can be used by the body to generate energy.

Application study tri kompelx (FFP2 mask)

Summary of the relevant scientific data of the user study carried out
with 2,000 participants to improve the comfort of breathing masks

Our innovative tri-complex technology enables a high level of comfort due to advanced materials. The skin-friendly mask is particularly comfortable to wear. ¹


have after a longer
Wearing time feel that their skin is softer.


feel for one
longer wearing time
Protective balm on your skin.


have the feeling her
Facial area is after
prolonged wearing of
Mask less irritated than
with conventional FFP2 masks


had after a long time
Wear the mask less
Skin irritations such as
acne than conventional ones
FFP2 masks.


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Tri komplex FFP2 21V4 Atemschutztmaske mit Faltschachtelkarton

The almond lipids ? due complex

Almond oil smoothes the skin

Almond oil [Oleum amygdalae] has long been used in complementary medicine circles
used for its numerous health benefits. Historically
Almond oil was used in ancient Chinese, Ayurvedic and Greco-Persian
Medicine used to treat dry skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema
used. Anecdotal evidence and clinical experience show that almond oil
hypertrophic scars after operations are reduced, the skin is smoothed and rejuvenated. Almond oil has emollient and sclerosing properties and is therefore used to improve complexion and skin tone. ²

The Q10 active ingredient? tre complex

Q10 also improves the skin within the epidermis

Tests of young and old volunteers showed a loss of Q10 (ubiquinone) with age. By using preparations containing Q10, an improvement in the ubiquinone balance (Q10) could be achieved after just 14 days of treatment. This improvement could be seen not only in the skin surface, but also within the epidermis. In addition, results showed that stressed skin benefited from topical Q10 treatment by reducing free radicals and increasing antioxidant capacity. ³

Q10 improves glucose and lipid metabolism and can even have a positive effect on blood pressure

As an antioxidant, Q10 is often used in a similar way to vitamins C or E. It fights harmful free radicals and
contributes to a natural complexion. The coenzyme Q10 therefore not only takes over the supply of the body
energy, but also helps the body's cells to maintain their natural cell health.
Thanks to the coenzyme Q10, a beneficial vascular effect could be achieved with an improvement in glucose and lipid metabolism
and a decrease in blood pressure, as described in a 2010 study. ?

1 FFP2 masks with tri-complex ? User study to evaluate a skin-friendly inner material (2021); Vock, Patrick ? VOCK Business Services GmbH & Co. KG
2 Ahmad (2009). The uses and properties of almond oil
3 Knott et al. (2015) Topical treatment with coenzyme Q10-containing formulas improves skin's Q10 level and provides antioxidant effects
4 Shargorodsky et al. (2010). Effect of long-term treatment with antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10 and selenium) on arterial compliance, humoral factors and
inflammatory markers in patients with multiple cardiovascular risk factors

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We have finally convinced you:
tri complex is now available in our FFP2 and surgical masks.
tri complex surgical masks are available in 3 colors (front fleece color). Blue, white and pink



kela® MNS-MedPRO tri complex in blue, white and pink

Tri komplex FFP2 21V4 Atemschutztmaske mit Faltschachtelkarton

safe-Air® 21V4 FFP2 tri complex

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