Protect even better with the VIRU-fil FFP2 and/or surgical masks. VIRU-fil, the virucidal revolution also stops Omikron!

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Die viruzide Revolution 99% Wirksamkeit gegen Bakterien, Fungi und Viren

The virucidal revolution

99% Effectiveness against bacteria, fungi and viruses

Viru-fil wirkt auch gegen Omikron

VIRU-fil Der rein biologische Wirkstoff, der als Vordervlies auf unseren VIRU-fil Masken verbaut wird, basiert auf einem Wirkstoff der auch in menschlichen Zellen vorkommt und im Vergleich zu anderen Stoffen wie Silberionen oder auch Kupferionen nicht krebserregend und unschädlich für den Körper ist. Viru-fil wirkt direkt ? ohne Einwirkzeit ? und zerstört, vereinfacht dargestellt, die äußere Virushülle. Somit kann dieser den Menschen nicht mehr infizieren.


The virus or the proteinaceous
Microorganism encounters the VIRU-fil medium. This medium can be a filter, mask, protective suit or other clothing.

After the impact of the microorganism, e.g. the SARS-CoV-19 virus, the VIRU-fil acts directly and destroys the proteinaceous structure of the microorganism. Among other things, VIRU-fil damages the lipid membrane (fatty layer) or the nucleic acid of the germs. Due to the effective durability of the natural organic active ingredient used in the VIRU-fil material, VIRU-fil can achieve an effect directly at the site of action without exposure time. Direct disruption of the viral envelope or removal of the lipid components from the envelope prevent the enveloped virus from infecting the human host cell.

Difference between virucidal and antiviral

Antiseptics are ubiquitous in everyday clinical practice and in the current environment and should be carefully selected for the appropriate area of application, taking into account the appropriate spectrum of action, especially in the current pandemic situation. When using them, the exposure times, dosages and intended use must be observed. This is the only way to achieve reliable effectiveness. The exposure times in particular must be observed here and failure to observe them will lead to a reduction in effectiveness and effectiveness can only be guaranteed if these are taken into account. Antiviral products can mostly only inhibit the multiplication of viruses and can sometimes even lead to the development of resistance. An active ingredient that is effective against both enveloped and non-enveloped viruses is referred to as virucidal.


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VMP VIRU-fil-FFP2-21V5

Virucidal substances

Can virucidal masks actually be worn without hesitation?

Many have already seen protective masks on the market that also contain or with virucidal substances
are coated. The commercially available products are either with silver ions, copper ions, nano-silver or polihexanide
(PHMB). In science it is known that these substances, especially when they come into contact with the skin, are harmful to health
Dangers can emanate by being e.g. carcinogenic or skin sensitizing. ¹
The VIRU-fil material differs from these because the naturally occurring additive, such as Acidum Citricum, is in the
human cells and has not been shown to be harmful to the body. ² With the VIRU-fil method, the virucidal
VIRU-fil fabric is plasma-processed into a very thin layer with the fabric used, for example, as the outer layer of masks
connecting. This even makes the mask self-disinfecting.

LIST laboratory results

Proof of effectiveness

The laboratory investigation was carried out, among other things, with a ?-6 bacteriophage (enveloped virus) that
meaningful substitute for enveloped viruses such as influenza A or SARS-CoV-2 can be used. After appropriate
After application to the VIRU-fil material and subsequent incubation, the samples are evaluated.

When evaluating the samples, which is carried out with the VIRU-fil material for each batch, in order to guarantee the customer the virucidal function,
could be proven that an effectiveness of 99,19%
against enveloped viruses such as SARS-CoV-2. ³

1 BAuA, Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, FAQ no.: PSA021; 03/23/2021
2 citric acid and its alkali salts; MAK Value Documentation; 1998
3 Luxemburg Institute of Science and Technology, Report MPG 2021.08.19
In this issue we focus primarily on the effect of VIRU-fil against viruses ? on demand
we are also happy to provide test results on the effectiveness against bacteria and fungi

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VIRU-fil is now available in our FFP2 and surgical masks


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