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The CO2 footprint
Sep 16, 2021
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The CO2 footprint

and why this is so important in mask production!

Many millions of FFP2 and surgical masks are currently bought, worn and disposed of in Germany every day. Sustainable masks like the kela - unfortunately masks still make up a small proportion. Why you should now choose a mask that has been produced sustainably and what makes our masks so sustainable.

The CO2 emissions show approx. values that arise on the different shipping routes.

At the beginning of 2020, the pandemic situation surprised and overwhelmed all sectors. The German health system was on the massive additional demand for protective clothing just as little hired as textile manufacturers or other industry-related companies at home and abroad. In March and April 2020 in particular, it didn’t matter whether a mask was sustainable or not, many masks had to be made quickly. At the time, the federal government was buying 50 million a week from all available sources around the world, especially in Asia. But it quickly became clear that the quality left a lot to be desired in many cases.

Now, in September 2021, the situation is different. Private individuals and companies have gotten used to regularly buying surgical masks and FFP2 masks and are increasingly preferring sustainable masks made in Germany. the Mask has become an everyday companion and is of course worn on buses and trains, when entering shops and in restaurants. Medical face masks or FFP2 masks have become a mass product due to the still tense corona situation, but these vary greatly depending on the manufacturer.

We at Kerber & Lampe not only produce these masks in Germany. We buy all nonwovens that are important, decisive and of consistently high quality for production from German manufacturers. In order to produce our masks in a climate-neutral manner, we work with regionally produced fabrics using green electricity from regenerative sources.

With the purchase of a mask that was manufactured in Germany as sustainably as our masks, you always support the region of the manufacturer and the location Germany. We are committed to environmental protection and economic stability and offer many local employees a secure, fairly paid job. We are committed to complying with German and European standards for the production of medical protective masks for private and professional use and regularly check the quality of our masks.

This allows us to offer you a product that sustainable, environmentally friendly and absolutely safe is. You only get this particularly high quality and customer service at eye level from companies that rely on German brand quality instead of maximizing profits.

Support German companies and do not buy masks from Asia, especially from China. Otherwise, Germany as a location for mask production could disappear faster than it came into being. And unfortunately it is to be feared that the next virus is already at our "doors".

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